Episode 007-The Shrimp King Comes to Philly

July 24, 2019

This week on Monger, Bill hosts one of the country’s biggest importer and exporter of seafood.  Marty Mazzetta of Mazzetta Company discusses his company’s brand new product, Oishii Shrimp. We are also joined with Chef Mike Cisternino of Mazzetta Company and Samuels’ very own, Joe Lasprogata.

Marty and Mike discuss the work and inspiration behind one of the most innovative Shrimp products to date. Oishii Shrimp go from swimming to frozen within four hours and unlike most Shrimp, Oishii are harvested live.  Meanwhile, Marty and Joe speak about the 30 year history between Samuels and Mazzetta, and how much has changed in the seafood industry.  Marty also shares a touching story about how 9/11 affected seafood importing/exporting.


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